Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaners


Surface Cleaners, sometimes called “Spinners” are exceptionally valuable pressure washer accessories which can dramatically cut cleaning times for many flat surfaces.

Surface Cleaners come in many configurations; most resemble lawn mowers. The comparison of a lawn mower to a weed wacker is roughly equivalent to the comparison of a surface cleaner to a hand-held pressure washer wand. When properly used, the Surface Cleaner allows the operator to walk behind the machine and clean a swath up to 30” wide, at walking speed, while not leaving stripes.

Whisper Wash ClassicUnder the hood, a set of two to four nozzles are mounted in a bar which spins rapidly to cover a wide area quickly and efficiently. In most models, the nozzles are angled and the force of the water makes the bar spin. Some larger machines use a gas engine to spin the bar to create an even stronger impact.

The bar is connected to the pressure washer through a swivel, hose, and trigger gun. The hood, usually made of stainless steel, fiberglass, or aluminum, functions to contain the water and keep the operator dry. Surface Cleaners come in various diameters from about 8 to 30 inches. Many have wheels while some lighter weight models are designed to float, much like a floor buffer. Some models are even height adjustable.

EDI is proud to distribute Surface Cleaners from several quality manufacturers such as Mosmatic, Whisper Washer, and Steel Eagle.

Several representative models are available through our on-line store at discounted prices, ready for immediate shipment. If you have questions regarding suitability for a particular application, please feel free to call. We would be pleased to speak with you to suggest suitable equipment.

Surface cleaner applications are exceptionally diverse so please contact us for a quote on your needs.

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