EDI Distributors is proud to represent the complete product line of the Mosmatic Corporation, which are manufactured in Switzerland from the highest quality components available, to exacting Swiss standards.

Duct Cleaners are powerwash accessories engineered to quickly and efficiently clean kitchen exhaust, trash chutes and other ductwork which requires routine cleaning maintenance.

Duct Cleaner

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Duct Cleaners are available from 3” to 24” capacity, with one, two, or three high speed, spinning nozzles. The nozzles are either fixed or can be adjusted to “help” the cleaner through the ductwork. Each cleaner is enclosed in a high quality stainless steel cage. A unique “trolley” is available which allows the duct cleaner to be pulled through horizontal ductwork while maintaining exact clearances.

Mosmatic also offers a complete line of other products for the Car Wash and Pressure Wash industry such as:

Floor and Wall Turbo Cleaners
Rotating swivels in various styles
Spray Bars in many configurations Ceiling and Wall Mount Booms
Tire Cleaner Applicators for the Carwash

Duct and floor cleaner applications are exceptionally diverse so please contact us for a quote on your needs.

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