Robot tank and barrel washers, precision Swiss made of highest quality materials, offer reliable, easy, and economical internal cleaning of most containers. The sophisticated head rotates in three dimensions to quickly cover the entire internal surface of a container in as few as three minutes.Used with a high-pressure wash system, the robot saves time, water, fuel, and disposal costs to provide an economical solution to what is often an expensive cleaning process.These cleaners are ideal for use in the food, transport, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries which require routine container cleaning.Click here for stock models price list.



Three-Dimensional Rotating Head
Usable with any High-Pressure Washer
Operable to 3,700 PSI, 13 GPM @ 300°F
Cleans Container to 12′ Diameter
Head Fits Through 2″ Bung Opening


Shaft Lengths from 10.5 to 78 Inches
Acid and Solvent Resistant Models
24, 120, 240-volt Electric Motors
Explosion-Proof Air Motors
High-Speed Air Motors to 50RPM
Three and Four-Nozzle Models
Vacuum Resistant Models
Bung Hole Mounts & Adjustable Handles
Custom Construction, Special Materials

Robot tank and barrel washer applications are exceptionally diverse so please contact us for a quote on your needs.

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